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This Is How to Discover Aliens with Podia

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Podia Metrics

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The Thesis

Spencer Fry founded Podia in 2014 as a platform that allows people to create and sell digital download products. In addition, the company also enables its customers to create and sell online courses, membership products, and use its email marketing platform to promote their offerings and sale more.

The Hook

  • Firstly, with Podia, businesses can create and sell online course using their own very brand.
  • Secondly, businesses can also create and sell membership products to their members.
  • Lastly, the company also provides email marketing that comes with landing page creator.

Online Course Builder

First of all, Podia makes it easy for creators and publishers to create and sell online courses with no technical skills required. For example, the company offers an easy-to-build studio, which helps creators to quickly set things up without the need of any software developer.

Joy Cho, founder, Oh Joy, testified, “I’ve wanted to offer e-courses for a while but always felt overwhelmed with how to set it up. Podia has made it super easy. The tools are super easy to navigate, and their team is super quick to help answer any questions you have.”

In addition, while creating a course on Podia is easy, selling a course to students is a seamless process on the platform. For instance, a publisher can earn more by utilizing the Podia sales pages builder, which has been tested for conversions, moreover, Stripe or PayPal or a mix of the two can be accepted as a payment menthod and this takes only a few seconds to checkout.

Robust Membership Platform

Along with the online course studio is a membership platform builder, a feature Podia launched to allow businesses to seamlessly integrate membership products in their business model. By way of illustration, an online business can create a recurring model by offering multiple membership plans to members on their online community powered by Podia.

Becky Mollenkamp, founder, Becky Mollenkamp, testified, “Podia solves all of my selling needs by letting me house courses, memberships, and downloads all in one place. Plus, the customer service is second to none.”

Furthermore, there are various member-only contents that can be created to further monetize a membership platform. Some of these are but not limited text and video updates, podcast episodes, event announcements, articles, and many more.

Modern Email Marketing

In the third position, Podia does provide an email marketing platform, dedicated to help its customers build and manage healthy list. To illustrate, businesses can create and send drip campaigns to build entire sales funnel within Podia, do keep in mind, this can be edited any time.

Amanda Boleyn, founder, She Did It Her Way, testified, “I absolutely love Podia’s user interface – it is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate as the creator. I also love that they keep their product simple, there are no hidden upcharges, only one flat investment each month and you can create as many courses or products as you want.”

There is more to that, an email marketing campaign can be fully personalized to better enrich conversion rates. A good example is that a list can easily be segmented depending on what subscribers have bought or an automated email can be sent based on event actions and triggers.

Podia Metrics

View live financial and business metrics of Podia.

Keep in mind, a representative of the company wasn’t immediately available, however, the story is developing, so kindly check back for updates. In the meantime, you too can — Subscribe to newsHookers!

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