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This Is How to Boost Your Ego with EasyStore

In 2013, EasyStore was founded as an e-commerce platform to allow online business owners create stores, promote their stores, and integrate with various platforms. Subscribe to newsHookers.

EasyStore Metrics

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The Thesis

EasyStore is an e-commerce platform, established in 2013 by Alan Kok, Frost Chen, and Kee Siak Chan. The company currently allows businesses to create online stores by choosing from a number of website templates, utilizing various marketing channels, and integrating with a wide range of platforms that make e-commerce businesses much easy to operate and run.

The Hook

  • Firstly, EasyStore provides a range of store templates to choose from, no developers needed.
  • Secondly, the startup offers various marketing channels to reach more customers.
  • Lastly, it also allows its customers to integrate with various platforms they already know.

Extensive Store Templates

In the first place, EasyStore offers businesses on its platform to seamlessly build an online store choosing from ready-made templates with built-in theme editor. Furthermore, this comes with an easy-to-customize tools using HTML and CSS editor.

Melville Foo, founder, Immerse Music, testified, “EasyStore is really easy to use as they provide various design of theme. Easystore also consistently updates new features which you could increase your creativity and learning process. Whenever we face difficulties, their customer service does not fail reaching us and take their best effort to resolve those problems.”

In addition, businesses can easily set up a theme with a one-click installation, and before that, they can view a specific theme demo to better understand the best branding style for your their store. Not just that, customers can use landing page templates to create landing pages with no coding required.

Horizontal Store Promotion

On another note, EasyStore provides its customers with various methods to promote their stores. Some of these are through discount codes, which gives businesses a perfect way to convert visitors to shoppers — using a discount code to get discount, redeem a free gift, and purchase add-on items.

Nurul Shafiqah Shafie, founder, Pink Box Cereal, testified, “EasyStore is part of the reason behind our success. The integration with shipping partners & it mobile friendly platform has bring a tremendous growth to our business. Not just that, the sales report function & promotion settings ensure that our sales team meet their monthly target.”

Another thing is that EasyStore customers can run a series of promotion for different type of subscriber segment, where only selected shoppers are entitled to enjoy such promotion. In addition, online store owners can boost customers repurchase rate by offering store credit, which gives shoppers the chance to earn credit from spending and using the credit on their next purchase.

Powerful Platform Integrations

Last of all, EasyStore does understand the fact that content is core in e-commerce marketing because it helps gain trust, increase traffic, and drive sales. As a result, the company offers store templates that come with a built-in blogging platform, which allows business owners to create an organized and compelling blog for their customers to find useful information and resources.

Joseph Goh, chief executive officer, Jobbie Nut Butter, testified, “After using EasyStore, sales is more stable. We are even able to sell to oversea customer which is an added bonus! Best of all EasyStore provides all the most essential apps to make everything so so so easy!”

Further, the blogging platform enables EasyStore customers to improve the search engine optimization of their store’s blog, which in the long run will enrich the visibility of their store in search engines. Also, they will be able to edit and optimize right within the platform for a much better visibility.

EasyStore Metrics

View live financial and business metrics of EasyStore.

Keep in mind, a representative of the company wasn’t immediately available, however, the story is developing, so kindly check back for updates. In the meantime, you too can — Subscribe to newsHookers!

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