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This Is How Kinsta Cures Cancer with WordPress

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The Thesis

In 2013, Mark Gavalda founded Kinsta, a WordPress Hosting platform that helps WordPress users rethink WordPress hosting that doesn’t suck but works. Since inception, the company has vowed to help its customers backup their WordPress sites like never before, stop hackers, and boost workflow.

The Hook

  • Firstly, Kinsta provides WordPress users with a daily backup frequency, however, this could be increased to every six hours or hourly for a better peace of mind.
  • Secondly, Kinsta prevents and protects WordPress sites form being hacked — without the use of any third-party applications or plugins.
  • Lastly, the platform checks a single WordPress site hosted on its end every two minute and 720 times on a daily basis.

How to Backup Your WordPress

In the first place, Kinsta gives WordPress users an absolute peace of mind by helping them to fully backup their sites on a daily basis, non-stop. For instance, if by any chance the worst scenario occurs, customers can easily reinstate their sites from the backups.

Kresimir Koncic, director, Neuralab, testified, “I’m amazed by the competency of the Kinsta crew, their expertise, and most of all, eagerness to solve problems. After moving WordPress sites to Kinsta, we saw faster load times, and the whole system became healthier and robust.”

While daily backup is 100 percent free as it is included in all pricing plans, the company does charge a moderate fee for additionals backups. By way of illustration, customers could request for backup frequency either hourly or every six hours.

How to Stop Your Hackers

On the other part, Kinsta prevents and protects its WordPress customers from hack. A good instance is that it keeps all its server software updated and constantly monitor events network-wide.

Jake Martin, senior architect, Intuit, testified, “Out of the handful of hosts and solutions we tested, Kinsta provided the best-in-class performance while reducing our teams dependency on DevOps support — Kinsta’s support team is second to none.”

Another thing is, Kinsta doesn’t go to bed waiting for hacks to trigger, if a WordPress site is hacked, the company guarantees fixing it with immediate priority. Furthermore, the platform sits on tens of WordPress technicians, who have more than a decade of experience, dealing with a wide variety of WordPress technical frustrations.

How to Improve Your Workflow

At long last, Kinsta offers an automatic scaling that comes with a flexible architecture, which is built on the cloud. By way of demonstration, the company’s infrastructure runs on the Google Cloud Platform to better help its WordPress customers scale up their needs.

Yacoob Moolla, chief technology officer, Joblogic, testified, “We love how you guys are always improving and testing new stuff. Thanks for providing better options for WordPress websites. Kinsta has improved our development workflow and website performance by leaps and bounds. We feel like we have our own server team one keystroke away, always willing to help and answer any server related questions we have.”

In addition to that, Kinsta constantly checks the status of all the WordPress sites powered and hosted on its platform. This is done every two minutes, which translates into 720 checks on a daily for a single website.

Kinsta Metrics

View live financial and business metrics of Kinsta.

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