January 25, 2020 Real Estate Publication


The journey began when we … newsHookers editorial team, embarked on various ways and how to get our hands dirty on financial reports and business metrics of privately held startup companies. During our exploration, we were flooded with overly covered financial topics such as stock quotes of publicly listed companies, mind you, although we are always craving for stories, that only is not aligned with our editorial guidelines.

newsHookers is a finance and tech publication that turns hard-to-find financials and metrics of subscription businesses into insightful stories, which are easy to scan for readers including investors looking for deals, founders seeking opportunities, and private equity firms who are in need of better investment decisions in the private market sphere.

Some of the subscription business metrics we write and publish ‘about’ are monthly recurring revenue, net revenue, average revenue per user, annual run rate, customer lifetime value, and monthly recurring revenue growth rate. In addition, we also care for metrics such as user churn rate, revenue churn rate, net revenue churn rate, active customers, new customers, reactivated customers, new subscriptions, active subscriptions, churned subscriptions, upgrades, downgrades, and many others.

For Public Companies

Traditionally, when a public company announces earnings, it shows the company has been profitable, which will usually increase such company’s share price up to and slightly after the information is released. On the other hand, if a publicly traded company delays its earnings reports, it’s a sign of a negative earnings surprise, and a sell-off may follow. That being said, newsHookers is an avenue that showcases companies’ financials to investors via a series of insightful stories written by finance and tech know-how professionals.

For Private Companies

While embracing transparency by sharing the aforementioned financials along with other business metrics will not only help your company in closing funding rounds quicker, better, and easier with investors, it will also assist you in building robust credibility among early adopters and investors. On top of that, it shows how profitable your company is in its niche market.

Furthermore, we handpick good stories and expose your message to a large audience. After all, your customers are more likely to trust messages coming from an objective source rather than paid-for advertising messages.

Not just that, we are a HUGE fan of turning exclusive startup earnings into objective news reports, insightful stories, and opinionated articles. Meaning that, on a daily basis, we receive 100s of submissions from private companies like yours — looking forward to creating quality and authoritative content in their niche rather than a mere traditional blog post with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) — a method Google and other search engines are secretly halting.

Over to You and Your

Think about seriously, we do love receiving pitches from team leaders like you and your. Further, we are always looking forward to working with company executives by helping them convert their financial contents and subscription business metrics into messages and stories loved by potential investors, early customers, and strategic partners.

There’s more to that, we also help these early-stage startups and private companies craft and publish their financial news, stories, and articles in an appropriate section of newsHookers. What else, kindly visit section 5 of our contact page to learn more about how to pitch us.